Mirko Dematté, the artist.

Extroverted personality, but capable of great introspection, Mirko Dematté approaches the world of art after an inner process of maturation which leads him to travel in search of his family roots. Back from the United States, in the sixteenth century villa which will become his atelier, he sketches his first pictures, which have much of the Action painting vehemence.

The heart of Dematté's artistic production is matter; Pollock, Fontana and Burri are his inspiring fathers. The artist experiments figurative spaces of various gems with touching ease and the allegorical symbolisms is forged in the chosen material, whatever it is, paper, wood or metal.

Dematté impresses his sensations into the material; he often wraps them into brought in relief rough canvas, advancing the most complex three-dimensional stage, painting with such vivid colours to look like enamel.

His works are soul shapes; the viewer feels the deep and linear sensibility which is their source welcoming every creation with warm enthusiasm.

In 2009 one of his works rewards the maglia rosa of giro d'Italia and the same year Dematté exhibits at Feltrinelli in Parma.
The year 2011 opens with a prestigious exhibition at the UBS Bank of Lugano exhibition hall; in the following October one of his sculptures, moulded with the innovative Woodn material, is on show at the most visited industry fair in Italy, Made Expo in Milan.

It is then that the artist starts a new pictorial strand which makes white its common thread.
Purity and freedom are the basis of the artistic cycle, without forgetting the ego which has to find its cosmic place.
In the post-modern, where it seems you have seen everything, Dematté's artistic expressions have something pedagogical, they bring you back to the primordial magic of the creative gesture.